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CT grinding wheel is belong to high purity alumina abrasive and it has high hardness and tenacity. CT grinding wheel is a new ceramic abrasive that it made of many minutes' abrasive grain.

Grain content of CT wheel
CT = 100%
5CT = CT(50%) + WA(50%)
3CT = CT(30%) + WA(70%)
1CT = CT(10%) + WA(90%)
Use & Work piece material
High-speed tool steel : Tungsten (SKH2-SKH10)
Molybdenum (SKH9-SKH57)
Alloy steel : SKD11, SKD (all)
Bearing steel : SUJ-2


<Grinding Efficiency>
By using CT wheel, better grinding removal with lower grinding force to compare with other wheels made by fused alumina abrasive.

<Long Life>
Less wear out, reduce the dressing times 50%.

<Precise Grinding>
Reduce the number of dressing times, keep the abrasive grain long time, can get the stable grinding tolerance.

-With good grinding removal, reduce the   thermal deformation.
-Less wear out of wheel can keep the   shape of work-piece easily
-Production Item
-General internal grinding wheel, CBN   internal grinding wheel

<Grain size & Size>
Ordinary polishing
#46 ~ #220
Mirror polishing
#1200 ~ #3000
Thickness (mm)
6 ~ 75
Diameter (mm)
150 ~ 405
Hole diameter
31.75, 50.8, 76.2,127,203.2